Are you ready to experience the greatest relationship of your life?

As someone who has had some really fantastic romantic relationships, I know that love creates a feeling of anything is possible.


Pual Donaghy
Pual Donaghy

"Better Love Movement transformed our relationship! The guidance was invaluable - we learned effective communication, rediscovered intimacy, and reignited the spark. Highly recommended for any couple ready to elevate their connection!"

Clara Bent
Clara Bent

"Better Love Movement was a game-changer. Practical tools, community support - it helped us build the foundation for the greatest relationship of our lives! Thank you!"


healthy romantic partner even looks like?
Well, I'm officially starting a movement! The Better Love Movement and you are invited to join in and find out how to attract a wonderful, imperfectly perfect for you partner to share your life with.

My name is Anita Stoudmire

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Coach, Writer and Public Speaker. More than that, I am a God fearing Christ follower, and a single mother of three amazing teenagers, a Pug named Tony and a Maine Coon feline named Jake.